Movie Stars of Prairie Wynd

“Shirley!! Your dogs are such a dream. I just adore them. They are such rockstars!”

It is very exciting to finally be able to divulge the name of the movie that Prairie Wynds Rockin Ashni played a part in! Remake of TURNER AND HOOCH streaming on the Disney channel. 

Prairie Wynd Atlas Aurelius




2022 is a busy year so far for all my dogs… Atlas, Ashni, Gypsy and Cleo…all played a part in an up-coming ‘made for TV’ show involving a pack of wild dogs. Comments from the trainer have been absolutely amazing. In her opinion, the show would not have been as successfull without the leadership, skill, obedience and loyalty of Ashni. She lead the pack! I cannot wait for it to be released, apparently by Crave TV. All info kind of secret until the release.

beautiful collie image
prairie wynd collie sire