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Ebony Pearl contributed so much and was the basis for my Breeding Program. She truly introduced me to the ‘best of the best’ when it came to personality, intelligence, loyalty, biddability and health.

She was not Champion bred for show but had such wonderful attributes that I’ve tried to keep her blood line in every puppy. And it shows!! Her lineage goes back to the ‘Old Time Scotch Collie’.

“Eyes should express shrewd intelligence and willingness to please”

Love her eyes! Just a little larger/rounder than modern-day Collies. And daughter Ashni has the same alert eye that shows through to the ‘soul of the dog’!

Another quote from

temperament gentle, caring, not high strung at all, friendly yet reserved with strangers, eager to obey, of above average intelligence. Content to lie about but ready to spring into action at a minutes notice. Biddability, sagacity, intelligence and reciprocity are the hallmark of the Old Time Scotch Collie.”

SAGACITY…wisdom, deep insight, intelligence, understanding. That was my Ebony!!


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Ebony Pearl passed her wise and wonderful personality onto her daughter Prairie Wynd Rockin Ashni. With that qualification I have added the health benefits of clean normal eyes.

My current sire Prairie Wynd Atlas Aurelius is out of Prairie Wynd Tawny Night Star who is a Non-Carrier for CEA, the common collie eye disease. Consequently, Atlas has clear normal eyes and passes these genes onto his puppies.

Being a small breeding kennel we believe our dogs should be part of the family; inside, outside, playing and working. Collies thrive on doing their job whether it’s herding and protecting sheep, chickens or children! Combined with connection and interaction with their humans they thrive on love, activity and using their amazing minds.

“I do not know if you remember us, but everyday I think about picking up our tricolor on Jan 3, 1998. Brodie. He is just the most amazing dog ever. He is the canine George Clooney of the walking trails. I am so protective of him because he is so handsome. He loves dogs small or gigantic. Not an aggressive bone in his brain.”

Levi & Ebony

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Cdn Ch Cindeross Levi, HIC, CGN
Prairie Wynd Ebony Pearl, HIC, CGN, SJATD

All our collies live in puppy palaces. We like to treat them all like royalty!

Sire’s Den

Puppy Palace

Puppy Pad

Healthy, happy and fully loved collies!

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