Prairie Wynd Atlas Aurelius CGN

Graceful, regal and playful! See full pedigree below

Prairie Wynd Atlas Aurelius

In pursuit of an awesome sire, I combined my CEA non affected dam Prairie Wynds Tawny Night Star with a truly great Grand Champion Show dog Aurealius Coldplay. They produced Prairie Wynd Atlas Aurelius CGN! He is also CEA non affected with both eyes normal, and passes on these important genes to his puppies.

He’s the best sire ever, so out-going and playful, energetic and ready to try anything. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound! Loves the water, loves his puppies, loves attention but not insistent, loves to go camping or travelling or whatever you, his people, are doing. Atlas is an all-around great dog, companion and amazing sire. He’s a pleasure to have in our family.

prairie wynd collie sire

Health Details:
CEA normal eyes (carrier), DM normal, MDR1 carrier, HIPS normal, ELBOWS normal


beautiful collie image

“I have had the pleasure of meeting an absolutely gorgeous tricoloured male collie while walking in Crescent Park in South Surrey. Not only was he physically beautiful, his temperament was phenomenal, so calm, friendly and regal. I was blown away that he was only 1.5 years old!

Whenever I meet lovely, well bred dogs I try to find out who their breeder is and his owner gave me your name. I just wanted to pass along a congratulations for a job well done! I haven’t seen a collie like yours in a long time. It makes me happy knowing there are still solid breeders out there and if I ever bump into someone looking for a collie I will send them your way!”

God Bless,

“Dogs like yours are worth celebrating! Based on the male I have seen you are nailing your breeding goals. Majestic is exactly the word I would use to describe him. I’ve seen him a few times now and he always reminds me of a lion. He has such a calm, commanding presence.”

Aurealis Coldplay Sire of Atlas

celtic moon collie pic

GCHS Aurealis Coldplay, CCA, AOM, sire of:
18 American Champions
3 Canadian Champions
2 Argentinian Champions
2 International Champions
Multiple Best In Specialty Winners
Canadian Best in Show Winner
Multiple Herding Group Winners
Collie Club of German National Specialty BOS/BOB Winner

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Aurealis Coldplay

collie show dog pic

“Exceptional in breed type, class and elegance, Jesse (call name) is a breeder’s dream. His incomparable head piece demonstrates rare length, finish and cutback with a pencil drawn lip-line and correct fill of skull and muzzle. Accompanied with a soft expression, he presents masculinity all while maintaining lightness. His presence and loving temperament is something we treasure in both him and his offspring alike.

Jesse is a multiple BISS winner, multiple Herding group placer, and a top producer. Jesse was awarded Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed at the 2019 CCA National Specialty under esteemed Breeder Judge Matt Stelter. As a young dog, Jesse finished his championship with three 5-point majors under extremely respected and long-time breeder/judges. He won an exciting Award of Merit at the 2013 CCA National Specialty and was pulled for final consideration.

Jess is a Top Ten Rough Collie in America for 2017. The #1 Best in Specialty Show Winning Collie of 2017 and currently the sire of 18 champions in the US. Champion offspring from Jesse reside in the US, Canada, Denmark, Germany and Argentina–making his mark on the Collie Breed Word-wide.

Written by Deborah Faulk

Tawny Night Star the Dam of Atlas

collie mom of atlas

In a effort to improve the genetics of my breeding stock, Tawny was imported from a breeder in the US. She was a ‘much sought after’ Non-Carrier for CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly), a common eye condition of collies and many other breeds.

She produced my current wonderful sire Prairie Wynd Atlas Aurelius!! Atlas is CEA carrier with Normal Eyes and is the best sire ever!

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The Pedigree of Aurealis Coldplay

The Pedigree of Tawny Night Star

Pedigree of Aurealis Coldplay & Tawny Night Star

collie breeding pedigree

Certificates for Atlas

collie atlas registration pic

Purebred Certificate of Registration

June 4th 2015

collie certificate

Canine Good Neighbour

March 19th 2017

King Atlas, the Lion’s Den!