Prairie Wynd Gypsy VanM

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Prairie Wynd Gypsy VanM

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CEA or Collie Eye Anomaly is a common genetically transferred disease in several breeds of dogs. It ranges from Mild CEA which is acceptable where the dogs eyesight is not affected to severe which can lead to blindness. This lead to my search for a CEA normal or Non-Carrier girl. Gypsy’s dam is a Non-Carrier for CEA and Gypsy herself is a Carrier but not affected with both eyes clear. Consequently her puppies will inherit those genes, especially bred to Prairie Wynd Atlas Aurelius who is also Carrier but not affected with both eyes clear.

Gypsy is a lovely gentle soul that loves attention and so generously gives her devotion to her loved ones. She is a treasure and produces puppies with those same qualities.

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“Skye went through Puppy/beginner class, and was often used to demonstrate to the others. Now he is in Intermediate. I think he loves learning anything!

Definitely the most intelligent dog we’ve ever had. And what a social butterfly! He loves meeting other dogs, is very good with small puppies and children.”


Gypsy Van M Pedigree

Prairie Wynd Gypsy Van M